Why you should use Salesforce Service Cloud

Why you should use Salesforce Service Cloud
On March 20, 2019, Posted by , In Service cloud

What is Service Cloud?  

Service Cloud is a Software as a Service Platform offered by Salesforce. It is based on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform that gives a 360-degree vision of customers and enables them to convey more smarter, quicker and more personalized service.

Here are some interesting facts on for what reason should you select Service Cloud over some other support optimization platform.

Why it is important?

When your organization is concerned about providing optimized customer service to all of its clients then Salesforce Service Cloud is one of the best sources to do so whether it a B2B domain or B2C domain.

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When customers raised many complaints/queries then Salesforce Service Cloud helps in keeping a record of all these raised queries so that you can track them and subsequently replied to these queries efficiently.

Advantages of using it.

Fast resolve to customer issue: Since it supports live agent support service which helps in delivering instant solutions to their problems. Integration with Service Cloud will enable you to resolve the queries in best suitable optimized manner that further strengthen your relationship with customers.

Self-service features: It is incorporated with self-service features that provide an extra edge to the users. By the use of this platform, you can improve service response rates by deploying smart track technology systems that report the need for product maintenance or performance feedback automatically. It is connected to online community groups and discussion forums that empower clients to self-look for answers to their questions and enterprises can utilize these platforms adequately to promote self-service features, so it minimizes support cost.

Better Security: The entire database within the Salesforce Service Cloud Platform is safe and highly secured because it has a various layered path for safeguarding the crucial business information.

Increased productivity: With the help of Salesforce service cloud, the agents will be able to work with ease and from anywhere that increases their productivity to a great extent. Its easy management options like knowledge module help customers as well as support and sales reps to seek answers to various product related queries hence it enhances their overall performance.

Interaction on social media platforms: Due to integrated setup with social media platforms you can effectively interact with your customers over social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and make an impact on them to use more of your products or services.

Why should you prefer a reliable source to implement it? 

Organizations should always prefer a reliable source means better firm who have trained, certified and industry Salesforce expert to implement the service cloud in a perfect and planned manner so that it helps organizations to achieve following tasks like…

  • Salesforce Knowledge transfer
  • Lightning Console
  • CTI Implementation
  • Call Center Management
  • Customer Communities
  • Live Agent
  • Wave Analytics
  • knowledge base Maintenance of customer self-service
  • Improved productivity
  • Automated phone support
  • Better integration with back-office applications
  • Know the customer preferences

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