ZTMS (Zendesk Ticket Management In Salesforce)

ZTMS (Zendesk Ticket Management In Salesforce)

In today’s highly disruptive and cutthroat competitive world, every business needs to go an extra mile for their customers. While you may offer the best product, service, or solution, there may be a need for human intervention at some point. A direct line of communication between you and your customers is efficient customer service. Needless to say, it forms the foundation for the success of every business. From being more cost-effective than customer acquisition to preventing business failure, customer support is a supporting pillar to your business. Such an important aspect to your business should be powered by the most sophisticated tools. 

A unique way to track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets for inquiries, a customized Zendesk Ticket Management product for Salesforce can transform the way you offer exceptional customer experience. What is conceptualized as a simple help desk feature in its native form, can be turned into a powerful tool when we customize it and form a well-oiled system according to your business needs. We have designed our product to seamlessly integrate Zendesk with Salesforce, so you have two of the leading softwares at your disposal to deliver unmatched customer services to your customer base.

Gain a Competitive Edge

With a unique solution such as Zendesk Ticket Management System, you can avail an array of benefits for your customer support process:

  • Through a user-friendly interface, you can create and delete tickets from the Accounts/Contacts/leads object detail page layout with ease
  • The app also provides a seamless operation by multiple users by real-time online ticket update and synchronization
  • Option to customize and reorder different sections of the Inline Visualforce Page according to your convenience
  • Freedom to customize data presentation through selective and easy filtering option
  • Every user gets a proper, detailed overview of any ticket to not miss out on any information

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We, at AwsQuality, believe that every bit of effort that goes towards making your customers happy matters. With our innovative product, Zendesk Ticket Management System equips you with potent features of both Zendesk and Salesforce. The team of experienced professionals at AwsQuality has designed the product, keeping in mind real-time problems and their solutions, to give a fresh and unbeaten approach to customer support. If you are looking for an integrated solution to your customer support hurdles, fill out a contact form, and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss your requirements and customized solutions. If you are looking for customer support solutions outside the Salesforce environment, our team of experts is well-equipped to meet your business needs. You can also call +1-571-250-7375

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