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Making most out of the extremely reliable and robust cloud computing platform.

A platform as a service introduced by Salesforce, is an impeccable development and operating platform on the cloud. development framework allows programmers, administrators, and enterprises to develop and deploy apps with the integrated development environment to push them to the live quicker. can be implemented to the database, codebase, and the ground infrastructure of the whole Salesforce solutions. is essential if you want to extract the most out of your Salesforce CRM and the skilled experts of AwsQuality can surely help you with that. Leveraging Lightning

Amplify the Power of Lightning to Develop and Deploy Scalable Applications.

Advantages of Development

  • Lightning Form builder utilizes numerous form builder tools like drag and drop and others to simplify the process of application development and deployment.

  • Minimum Code application development requires minimum code and delivers faster results.

  • Absolute Security development comes with quite an adaptable and strong security structure.

  • Smartphone Compatibility based applications can operate on all smartphones including iPhone and iPads, which make it smartphone compatible.

Our Development Strategy

  • Discovery Phase

    AwsQuality’s certified developers will help you to make the right choices while envisioning your project. We understand that every project is different, that’s why we collaborate with our clients during the Discovery Stage of the project to evaluate your existing technology, CRM culture, and use cases. AwsQuality’s expert Salesforce consultants will conduct a requirement analysis report of the product features in the discovery phase to shape the image of the final outcome of your project.

  • Prototyping on

    AwsQuality is a renowned development company, famous for its agile and experienced application development services. After completing the discovery phase our team of UI designers and consultants will build a quick interactive prototype of your project.

  • Development & Testing

    AWSQuality’s proficient team of developers never misses an opportunity to innovate. We understand the businesses inside-out and find the most beneficial ways to simplify and automate even the most complicated business models.
    Our Agile development model guarantees a high standard and well-defined development and testing procedure integrating the power of lightning into your project.

  • Launching and Go-Live Support

    We believe that it is essential to focus on the supervision of dependencies and environments during the go-live period of a product. Our post-deployment quality assurance procedure guarantees a smooth Go-Live.

Why Choose Us as Your Development and Consulting Partner

  • Quality

    Quality over quantity is something we believe. We are Salesforce Registered ISV Partner and Salesforce Appexchange Partner, you can expect the best development quality from our skilled developers.

  • Experience

    AwsQuality has completed 200+ projects for over 125 clients across the globe. Our experience reflects in our working process.

  • Flexibility

    We are always ready to improvise to deliver a better result. We will build your dream project just the way you want it to be built.

  • Confidentiality

    AwsQuality guarantees complete confidentiality to our clients. Your project secrets are safe with us.

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FAQ's is a Platform as a Service platform that aims to make the development and deployment of cloud-based apps and websites easier. Developers may use the cloud IDE to quickly build apps and websites that can be deployed to's multi-tenant servers.

Salesforce is a firm, and is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution built on Software as a Service technology (SaaS). is a platform that enables developers and business users to create robust corporate Applications.

It enables you to add and remove items, fields, and relationships between objects, among other things, using a drag-and-drop interface rather than the Salesforce setup windows.

Salesforce is a low-code or no-code application development platform. You do not need a coding background to become a Salesforce Developer. This makes it an ideal career choice for you if you want to start your IT career with no prior coding expertise.

The primary distinction between communities and sites is that communities allow you to use predefined templates, branding styles, change pages, and so on. Sites were created to bring programmable logic, processes, and Visualforce features to bespoke pages and Web applications.