Health Cloud Solution

Health Cloud Solution

The world is witnessing a massive transformation, and along with it, the healthcare industry. We are at the advent of a new world, with newer technologies, better processes, and an integrated environment of how the healthcare industry operates. Older technologies used in healthcare are becoming obsolete and newer, more advanced tools and software are required to take patient care from optimum to its best.

Taking a leap with the changing world of healthcare, the team AwsQuality has developed a highly efficient and unique ‘Health Cloud’ solution that allows the healthcare facilities to not only meet patient care needs in a faster way but also streamline their operations, powered by the offerings of cloud security.

Transformation at its Best

The ‘Health Cloud’ solution is aimed at providing a holistic experience to the healthcare facilities and their patients alike, through an integrated platform for all its offerings. Powered by salient features, the solution is bound to bring a wave of change in the world.

Appointment Booking

A part of the Booking Funnel System, users can book appointments online of their choice, using optimized filters for the day, date, and time slots, and from the same window, the admin can manage the bookings. The filters also have filters for Departments, Appointment Types, and Locations, for a more immersive experience.

Clinician Diary management

Gone are days for a doctor’s appointment book in the hand. Our Clinician Diary management feature allows the healthcare professionals to keep a track of the scheduled appointment, update them after consultation with proper details, refer to and save relevant medical records, and prescribe medicines accordingly.

Patient Examination

This feature allows the physician and medical staff to maintain a record of patient examination and tests and easy access to your patient data and reports. The feature enables professionals to perform an in-depth analysis on all clinical information including past medical history, clinical notes, prescriptions, symptoms, drug doses, and diagnosis for the most effective course of treatment.


Powered by the most comprehensive drug database available, the Prescribing feature includes access to doses of medicine, intake duration, and frequency of medicine intake, along with the option to select a predefined drug template and keeping all the drug compliances in check.


A fully integrated invoicing system allows you to simply pay the required amount with the help of incorporated accounting systems, including GoCardless or Stripe. The medical billing option in this feature automatically generates a bill after the patient is discharged and sent to the reception page for the admins to manage and for the patient to pay.

Membership Contract Management

The Membership Contract Management feature in the health cloud allows for maintaining records of membership plans for the patients. The bills generated would be automatically charging the fees and discounts on the basis of the plan. The patient can also upgrade or cancel the membership on the same portal, or the admin can do the same at the request of a patient.

Record Management

This feature provides a safe platform to share clinical views about patients across the organisation, eliminating paperwork, and streamline patient treatment care. You can also hold a wealth of patient demographic and medical information securely for immediate access on any internet-enabled device.

Step into the Future with Us

When you are in the business of saving lives, even the smallest of miscommunication and mismanagement can have an irreversible impact. The ‘Health Cloud’ solution by AwsQuality is aimed at streamlining processes at healthcare facilities, so that maximum focus can be on patient care. If you are looking for an innovative cloud solution for all your facility operations, fill out our contact form. An experienced AwsQuality representative will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements. Our team of experienced industry experts can also develop a customized product of a particular need and help you scale your business and offer exceptional value to your clients. For more information, call +1-571-250-7375

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