Renter (Cloud Rental Software)

Renter (Cloud Rental Software)

Renter is a powerful rent management app which combines all the features to manage your rentals within Salesforce. A powerful tool that manages particulars of rentals with just few clicks and presenting them with enhanced 3D charts showing real time data.

It is fully customized and holds the particulars of previous year, current year and next year. Renter Dashboard shows you the real time data of rental report with 3D charts view user can visualize the data.

User can alter the colors for generated revenue of each asset to individually distinguish in which division revenue is tumbling as well as set the maximum units of Asset that user possess through the Rental Configuration page with just point and clicks.


  • All the information is shown on a single page.
  • 3D charts with many charts type.
  • Set Maximum rentals size and Colors from
  • Management of Data in real time.

Renter App saves you from hassle of indexing specifics of rentals by giving you complete control of the data management.

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