Salesforce’s Voice Assistant: The Newest AI Product.

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Salesforce recently announced new voice tool that is Einstein Voice for its artificial intelligence system Einstein that will take lead from currently available voice assistance system like Siri and Alexa.
Einstein Voice is an artificial intelligence virtual assistance for organization that have functionality to interact with users and help them to perform different administrative tasks like enter data, dictate notes, update records, manage schedules and create tasks etc.
Research predicts that the use of voice assistants for businesses seems to be a growing trend and it shows that it will grow in the market in the next three years. Gartner statistics show that voice-based queries are the fastest growing search on mobile devices.
Einstein Voice will mark the start of something new in a new era of conversational customer relationship management (CRM), delivering new levels of productivity and redefining customer experiences with voice technology.
How it works?
Users have to dictate the task to Salesforce Einstein with their voice and Einstein Voice Assistant will then interpret the voice, translate it into text, and log that information into Salesforce.
• It allows users to update Salesforce records, create tasks and notify team members for the particular events.
• It personalizes the daily briefings about schedules, company priorities and metrics, and explores the Salesforce Einstein
Analytics dashboard.
• Users will be able to update their customer relationship management (CRM) software databases by just only giving the
command in the form of voice.
• It saves time of Salesforce users who do the work on data entry that is most dreaded parts of using a CRM.
• Since it is also be configured to understand slang and vocabulary that makes unique to a particular company.
• Makes life easier for busy salespeople.
• It replaces the task of typing on a smartphone that is a big challenge to log the information and subsequently reply it to
• It provides feature to simply touch Meeting Debrief in the Einstein Voice mobile tool and starts talking to enter your
• It also makes it possible for Salesforce users to talk to the platform and perform tasks, get briefings and interact with
analytics dashboards all through the power of voice.

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