Twitter integration with Salesforce in five simple steps

Twitter integration with Salesforce in five simple steps
On February 12, 2020, Posted by , In Integration

Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and read messages within the limit of 140 characters. is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software solution for sales, service, marketing, analytics, and building customized applications.

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Integration of Twitter with Salesforce enables organizations to do tasks like:

  • Build and execute real-time Twitter advertising campaigns.
  • Allow reps to more efficiently scale their campaigns run through Twitter on Salesforce CRM with the help of innovative workflows.
  • Track real-time conversations and relevant data of more than millions of targeted users who use this social platform.

Here is a detailed analysis of steps with relevant screenshots on the integration of Twitter with Salesforce discussed.

  1. Create an APP on Twitter.
    • Twitter–>Home–>Developer–>My Apps–>Create a new App. 
  2. Provide call back URL in Twitter where Twitter will send a code for authentication (for eg. https://Your instance/apex/Twitter Page).
  3. After creating an App in Twitter you will get a Client Key and Secret Key which will be used in Salesforce to send a request to Twitter for authentication.
  4. In Salesforce, you need to provide the application program interface endpoint of Twitter in the Remote Site setting first.
  5. Now you need to create a VF page in Salesforce by going to setup > develop> visualforce page > new > (give a visualforce page name whatever you want in our eg. we used Twitter_Page).

That’s all; the integration of Twitter with Salesforce is completed. If you have any queries contact our Salesforce Integration team experts they can help you. So give us a call or schedule a time to chat.

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