Salesforce and Quickbooks Desktop Integration Using DBSync

Salesforce and Quickbooks Desktop Integration Using DBSync
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DBSync’s Salesforce– Salesforce data such as Product, Accounts, and Opportunites can easily synchronize with the help of QuickBooks Desktop Integration. This integration optimizes your Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay processes and saves your lot of time and money.

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QuickBooks Desktop is one-time purchase software that can be installed on your Desktop or a laptop computer. Integrating Quickbooks with Salesforce allows financial data to share with the sales team. By connecting with QuickBooks you can view customer information, track expenses, customer reports and gain insights so you can easily predict.

Here are the basic requirements:

Steps for Integration are listed below:-

  1. Download and Install Quickbooks Desktop Pro from the official website of Quickbook (
  2. Open “” and click to My Account -> Customer Login.
  3. dbsynclogin

  4. Click on “Create An Account”.
  5. DBSync login form

  6. Go to the “Template Library” Tab and then click the link: “SalesforceQuickBooks: BiDirectional.”
  7. DBSnyc template library

  8. From Connectors, we will get this screen for Quickbooks and Salesforce connection.
  9. DBSnyc connectors

  10. From Connectors, click on QuickBooks. Fill details and click on Save Button.
  11. quickbook connector

  12. As you get Saved Successfully message. Click on Download Web Connector Button.
  13. DBSnyc quickbook connector

  14. Now download Quickbooks Web Connector for desktop from
    ( and install it.
  15. Then click on Salesforce under Connectors, and go to Advanced properties.
  16. salesforce connection

  17. Fill details and click on Save Button.
  18. salesforce conn advanced

  19. Then, click on Processes under Connectors and click on BiDirectionalSync.
  20. DBSnyc processes

  21. Then, enable AccountToCustomer and click on Edit.
  22. DBSnyc AccountToCustomer

  23. Then, set Account(Object) as Datasource with Salesforce under Trigger panel and Customer with Quickbooks under Rules panel. Then click on Map.
  24. DBSnyc acctocustfull

  25. Then, set fields accordingly, and click on Save and Close.
  26. DBSnyc mapping

  27. Then, click on Save Workflow.
  28. DBSnyc save workflow

  29. Now go to Salesforce Org and create a new account. After that click on Edit layout and drag few Custom Fields( Integration, Quickbooks Id, ) and a Custom Button(SF Account >> QBO Customer). Then click on Save. Now go to the Integration field and select Request Sync and Save the Account.
  30. DBSnyc accountandy

  31. Then, from DBSync click on Run Now.
  32. save workflow

  33. Now go to Quickbooks Desktop.
  34. DBSnyc quickbook desktop

  35. Now go to Quickbooks Desktop → Click on File → Then, Update Web Services.
  36. quickbookupdate web services

  37. Now go to Quickbook Desktop → Click on File → Then, Click on Update Web Services.
  38. quickbookupdate

  39. Now click on Add An Application → Select a .qwc file which we have downloaded in Step 7 → Click on Update Selected → Wait for the process to get completed.
  40. DBSnyc webconnect

  41. Now as the processes are completed → Click on Customers → Check for the Account created on Salesforce here in Quickbooks as Customer.
  42. DBSnys qbcustomer

We can configure this for other selections also like:-

  • Salesforce Account/Contact to QuickBooks Desktop Customer/Contact
  • Salesforce Opportunity Name to QuickBooks Desktop Job Name
  • Salesforce Opportunity & Product Name to QuickBooks Desktop Invoice & Line Item
  • Salesforce Opportunity & Product Name to QuickBooks Desktop Sales Receipts & Line Item
  • Salesforce Product Name to QuickBooks Desktop Items
  • QuickBooks Desktop Payment on Invoice to Salesforce DBSync Invoice.
    If you facing any issue regarding this topic, so don’t hesitate to contact our salesforce integration consultants and get a free quote.

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