Why and How Do You Migrate to Salesforce Lightning?

Why and How Do You Migrate to Salesforce Lightning?
On November 1, 2019, Posted by , In Salesforce Lightning

Why move to Salesforce Lightning right now?

Salesforce Lightning is the Salesforce brilliant feature with interactive UI that provides intuitive tools and services to automate business processes along with external application integration that make your work more delightful.

Salesforce Lightning includes some of the exciting features like interactive tabs, activity timeline and homepage components. It streamlines your workflows and to maximizes, productivity puts the right things at the right place of your sales, marketing, and service teams.

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Here we list some of the reasons why this is the right time for you to make the jump.

Sales Automation

Salesforce Lightning redefines the sales process with these two features Sales Path and Kanban View that make selling simplified with ease.

It has built-in Sales Path features that show all the opportunities in the sales pipeline with the recommended steps that are needed to take by sales reps in order to make the decision faster and more accurately.

Kanban View gives sales reps a simplified view of the opportunities in the pipeline that helps to take action in real-time with a drag-and-drop feature.

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein, an artificial intelligence-based technology that provides deep machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing. Salesforce Einstein works in the background and learns everything from data and actions to behaviors. Based on this, it presents your sales reps with recommendations, customer insights and predicts outcomes. Its researches on derived data, study patterns deeply and makes intelligent recommendations as per your specific business or team process.

Lightning App Builder

Lightning App Builder is a completely customized experience with the feature of drag-and-drop that makes it very simple to create pages by picking components from the component library. The component library contains a large number of components, all of which can be quickly integrated with Salesforce as it is claimed by Salesforce.

With the ease of use, developers can better help to automate processes and workflows without the need to get involved in coding.

Mobile Ready UI

Salesforce Lightning with its cross-platform UI allows a seamless shift between desktop and mobile. It helps to drive product adoption and success for industries because people need the ability to take action on the go. According to Salesforce, mobile app adoption can help sales reps to maintain constant contact with leads and customers any time and hence it increases productivity.

Increased Productivity

Lightning comes with some of the smaller features that increase productivity. You can use the following components in Salesforce Lightning:

  • News & Insights: This component can be dropped into any part of the application. It monitors important details about prospects and customers. Relevant industry news is shown to keep your sales team always informed.
  • Auto-Fill & Duplicate Prevention: It goes through the Salesforce database for potential data and auto-fills sections based on that. It also prevents potential duplicates.
  • Chatter Streams: Combination of team members into one stream and their updates can be tracked.

How to Migrate to Lightning in Salesforce

Since Salesforce has most new features only available in Lightning, therefore, migration to lightning is very essential for the organization.
Here I list some of the best practices to conduct a Lightning migration…

Set Goals for Transition

If you think Lightning functionality will enhance your business productivity, then empower your team, and it’s time to outline your strategy.
Increase understanding of this feature and set proper goals to implement this.

Streamline Workflows

It is highly recommended to outline all existing and new processes and discuss them with each affected team before moving onto planning for deployment so that struggle during and after a lightning migration can be minimized.

Functionality Prioritization 

Based on Lightning functionality, prioritize features and also keep in mind how everything will tie together to successfully implement this. Easily-navigated and optimized layouts play a major part in the success of any and every Salesforce org. It should be user-friendly for each user group. Take care to build layouts that make sense for each user category and customer support base.

Check for Lightning Readiness 

It is recommended to run a Lightning Readiness check. It can shortlist potential unforeseen bugs or org incompatibilities you may have missed and helped your team build an even more robust Lightning migration plan.

Use Sandbox

Experts always recommend using a sandbox in order to test your changes without affecting other developers’ work. The sandbox testing environment also allows users to test out new functionality and provide critical feedback before an official launch. With the help of a sandbox, you can eliminate bugs before going live or deploy in production that enhances productivity.

Test Your Goals

Before moving on, double-check with all of the new Lightning features you’ve prepared and built that will accomplish the goals that you have outlined. If they don’t, take a step back and evaluate the whole process once again.

Detailed Documentation and training

Prepare a  reference document to ensure that the new functionality release goes smoothly after launch. If you feel any difficulty in implementing then your users should go through these well-planned documents to successfully implement this.

Use documentation to train all users on the new Lightning functionality before rolling out the changes as live to the entire organization. Your already trained users can train other users on how to leverage the new functionality properly and find the information they need.


Once your team feels confident that everyone understands how to use the new Lightning system to its highest potential then go ahead and launch it with the backup of dedicated and trained Salesforce lightning professionals.

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