Do you know why Real Estate is moving business to cloud?

Do you know why Real Estate is moving business to cloud?
On December 28, 2016, Posted by , In Salesforce

Real Estate is one of the most dynamic industries around. High pressure, deal closure challenges dominate up to the very core of this industry. Businesses are incorporating technologies to stay ahead and one of the many technologies is Cloud CRM and the probably the most important. It allows reps and management alike to easily access information and take decisions form anywhere to close more deals.

Here are some pointers given below to explain why real estate is thriving on Cloud technologies. 

Access information from anywhere 

Real estate professionals are always on move and hence face problem to access data wherever they go. But data present on cloud based CRM helps them to access data from anywhere with devices like mobiles, tablets etc.


There are millions of things happening in this business, tracking each and every information is difficult but with the help of CRM this task will become very easy and you can keep track of each and every activity and you can follow the same pending task. 

Accountability and transparency 

It enables to access company’s data and deals which are managed by representatives and senior members and accordingly decide which needs special attention followed by demands. 


It enables sales reps to manage pipeline of deals so that management team can go through the valuable data to forecast the revenue and also keep watch on potential deals which is creating revenue at present.


Cloud based CRM provides the facility to organize contacts and leads efficiently and therefore helps to initiate marketing plan to get in touch with current clients and subsequently enables to target future clients by running mail campaigns.

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