Difference between Salesforce Customization and Configuration

Difference between Salesforce Customization and Configuration
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Salesforce is the most popular and powerful tool available in the market as of now and it can be configured and customized according to your business needs or requirements. 

Many people get confused about these terms and think the same. But no, both are totally different from each other. Therefore it is very much important to know the difference between configuration and customization in Salesforce.

What is Configuration in Salesforce?

Salesforce configuration is simply the activity that you can perform inside the CRM system. This indicates that you can add a new field to your Salesforce, that uses a formula or a specific rule in order to achieve an outcome. In simple words, it can be said that configuration in Salesforce indicates that the user will specify some values that will help to perform the function.

Some of the examples of Configuration are as follows…

The setting made for email services is a part of Salesforce configuration. Moreover, with a Salesforce configuration, you can change the value of fields, make changes in workflows, create additional reports, customize the user interface and change page layouts, etc.

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What is Customization in Salesforce?

Salesforce customization means custom development and coding to add more functionality to your CRM platform. These features can be integrated with your business to optimize the business process. It more than extends the functionality of your CRM, further expanding the scope of your business tasks. 

Some of the examples of Salesforce Customization…

Here includes Apex Classes, Apex triggers, third-party integrations, visualforce customization using CSS to enhance the page layout to meet business UI. 

Here some of the features are listed below for both of them…


  • Configuration means implementing or providing a user-defined value that will enable a given feature or module to operate.
  • Email setting is one of the examples of configuration.
  • Salesforce users can configure CRM applications. Service providers users have options to enable a few tabs which are not available for Customer support people. 
  • The addition of a new field to a given salesforce object is configuration.
  • The addition of a new field that will use a formula to perform some results is configuration.


  • Any feature or functions which are not achievable as a part of application modification or configuration and the application needs to extend refers to customization.  
  • Even though you have configured some of the things there are few actions that are not achievable and it results in adding some custom code, which results in Customization.
  • The addition of triggers on the object to perform some action is called customization.
  • The addition of Apex Code which will generate a vCard from a given Contact is called Customization.

When Should We Choose Salesforce Configuration?

You can choose Salesforce Configuration when

  • You want to utilize the in-built tools, functionalities, and modules to the optimum level.
  • You want to simply implement some logic to the Salesforce application to get business processes streamlined.
  • There are a variety of user segments that will use the system for a long time.
  • There is an availability of limited time, budget and expertise.

When Should We Choose Salesforce Customization?

You can opt for Salesforce Customization when the below activities are hard to implement with the configuration part only…

  • Business procedures cannot be achieved through workflows and validation rules
  • There is a need for 3rd party integration.
  • Standard reports aren’t sufficient to get the required information.
  • End users or customers are still not satisfied with the configured platform.
  • You have customers whose needs are more advanced features support.
  • There is limited timelines, budget and skilled expertise available.
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