Salesforce Extensions That Help Small Businesses to be Highly Productive

Salesforce Extensions That Help Small Businesses to be Highly Productive
On January 3, 2019, Posted by , In Salesforce

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management platform that has grown itself as a leader in the CRM market that provides the best-personalized sales services. There are many Salesforce Extensions available that helps to quickly login to the platform.

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Here we list some of the Salesforce Extensions that help small businesses…

Admin Assistant by CRM Science

It is an admin toolkit which is a free extension offered by CRM Science. The Admin Assistant extension packs with many features that are easy to use and time-saving. Some of the features that Admin Assistant offers to the users are deleting mass records from the list, create and modify profiles, chat integration, reviewing report results, and Update profile setting automatically. LOGINS by

It is a big task for Logging into Salesforce multiple times but with the login extension, you can organize your multiple logins and quickly get into the platform. The extension stores your account information (username, password, security token, and description), groups the multiple accounts for easier management.


It is a special type of extension that helps in training new users on how to use Salesforce-like CRM which is quite complex. It helps to save time for new users to train themselves on the functionality of user interface by providing different training modules. If Businesses have to use extensively this tool then they have to get to upgrade to its enterprise version.

Salesforce API Fieldnames by Daniel Nakov

This Salesforce extension helps in switching between API field names and labels on detail pages, therefore it saves time and a lot of effort for SFDC developers.

Salesforce Admin Check All

It is a simple Salesforce extension that can save time for repetitive tasks. It will allow you to ‘Check All’ checkboxes on setup pages, instead of clicking on each of the checkboxes individually. Hence it makes deployment a lot easier and save you a lot of productive hours.

ORGanizer for Salesforce

It makes easy for Salesforce users to handle multiple Salesforce logins. It helps in easily identifying Salesforce tabs that are most frequently used and access frequently used links. ORGanizer for Salesforce Extension takes care when users forget their username and password.


Now it is a time for organizations to adopt different extensions to do more impressive work on CRM and optimize their business process. There are various Salesforce extensions available out there to boost overall performance and functionality but here we explained only five. You can opt-out according to your business requirements.

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