Transforming Medical Device Logistics: How Salesforce Revolutionized a Global Shipping Strategy

Transforming Medical Device Logistics: How Salesforce Revolutionized a Global Shipping Strategy
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In the fast-paced world of medical device logistics, keeping things running smoothly is vital. For a big medical devices logistics company, the challenge was to find a solution that would simplify their global shipping processes and keep everyone in the company on the same page. In just four months, AwsQuality’s Salesforce consulting services delivered a cloud-based system that transformed the way the company operates.

The Challenge: Making Global Logistics Easier

Our client, a major player in medical devices logistics, needed a system that could make their shipping processes more straightforward and ensure timely deliveries worldwide. They wanted a user-friendly system that everyone in the company could use, from sales reps to top management. The key was to have accurate and updated reports available to everyone for better decision-making.

AwsQuality’s Smart Approach

Knowing that Salesforce didn’t quite fit the client’s unique needs, AwsQuality brought their expertise to the table. They created a robust system that worked seamlessly with a mobile app on iOS, allowing reps to scan barcodes and update information directly in This approach made real-time data accessible to everyone, making operations smoother and decisions more informed.

Key Features of the Salesforce Solution

Order Management:

   The Salesforce solution by AwsQuality made order management efficient, letting everyone track orders from start to finish. This feature allowed every team member to follow the progress of shipments, making collaboration smoother.

Invoice Management:

   With Salesforce, the client got a better way to manage invoices. This feature helped track and process invoices accurately, reducing errors and speeding up financial processes.

Scanning Barcodes with a Mobile App:

   The inclusion of a mobile app on iOS allowed reps to scan product barcodes on the fly. This not only improved data accuracy but also made the logistics process more efficient.

Customer Management:

   The Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation gave the client a solid customer management system. This allowed them to keep all customer information in one place, making interactions smoother and giving everyone a complete view of customer data.

The Outcome: A Simple and Strong System

In just four months, AwsQuality delivered a simple yet powerful Salesforce solution that changed how the company works. The system synchronized order updates across the whole organization, making sure that everyone had the right information. The result was a more efficient order process, fewer errors, and better teamwork.


The collaboration between the large medical devices logistics company and AwsQuality shows how Salesforce can make a big difference. The tailored solution tackled the client’s challenges, providing a unified platform that made operations smoother and kept the company competitive in the ever-changing world of medical logistics.

As the healthcare industry keeps evolving, using smart solutions like Salesforce becomes crucial for companies looking to stay ahead. AwsQuality’s success in delivering a simple Salesforce solution highlights the importance of smart partnerships and cutting-edge technology in shaping the future of medical devices logistics.

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