Summer 18 Release of Salesforce

Summer 18 Release of Salesforce
On May 11, 2018, Posted by , In Salesforce

Salesforce is about to launch Summer 18 release with several enhancements. Here we list the features which are being previewed for Summer 18 release.

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  • Data privacy: Introduced the feature like “Retain the most recently modified data privacy record” that can be used whenever you are going to merge the records.
  • Protect Users’ personal data: User can anonymize their data inside Salesforce by calling Apex methods.


  • Encourage to adopt lightning experience: It will force users to use lightning without enabling to switch to classic for a limited time period per week.
  • Personalize navigation bar: Some more features will be added to pencil icon which is at the top right corner and with the help of this you can personalize the navigation bar.
  • New URL formats: Salesforce is going to change the URL format used by lightning experience standard apps to improve URL readability and to address the issue of being directed to an unexpected location.

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