Salesforce1 Mobile App brings real time forecasting to sales team

Salesforce1 Mobile App brings real time forecasting to sales team
On December 14, 2016, Posted by , In Salesforce1 Mobile

Forecasting is one of the most challenging aspects of sales. The sales team doesn’t match the requirement of forecasting due to the factors like:

  • Predicting the future is hard.
  • Forecasting needs to be real-time.
  • Accurate forecasting needs solid pipeline management.
  • Getting to a real pipeline requires constant oversight.

In order to solve the above challenges, Salesforce has developed Salesforce1 Mobile App which helps sales executives, managers and reps to view their quota, commitment, and pipeline in the new Salesforce1 Mobile App.

The forecast app in Salesforce1 is a vital tool for sales managers and sales reps to be more productive and smarter on the go. Here are a few use cases:

Real-time snapshot

Managers can view at a time how far their team completes their quotas and how many days are left in the sales cycle; making business decisions faster from their mobile device.

Monitor performance

Managers can track their team members on each and every task and find who needs more assistance to achieve their target.

Individual performance tracking 

Reps can easily identify how many days are left in completing their sales targets. They can go through the available opportunities having in the pipeline and accordingly plan and prioritize to complete them.

Mobile optimized

Sales teams on the go can find their forecast data and sort faster with less consumption of time on mobile devices and they can utilize their productive time in doing other business.

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