7 Salesforce Integration Tools That Will Increase Your Production Efficiency

7 Salesforce Integration Tools That Will Increase Your Production Efficiency
On June 24, 2022, Posted by , In Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is a highly regarded Customer Relationship Management application. You can use this CRM solution to help empower salespeople, close more deals, and improve accuracy. Salesforce CRM Integration API is an excellent investment for customer management, but getting more value out of your workforce and increasing productivity is essential.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the modern cloud-based solution, which can boost team productivity, encourage employee collaboration, provide a positive customer experience, and help turn leads into customers.

There are always ways to improve the efficiency of your workforce, no matter how productive it is. Salesforce CRM Integration API with other valuable tools is one of the best ways to accomplish this. But, with over 300 apps to choose from, how do you know which ones are the best for your team’s needs?

This blog has compiled a list of Salesforce Integration Tools to increase your team’s productivity.

What is Salesforce Integration, and how does it work?

Each business has its requirements, and its software is tailored to meet those needs. They’re written in various languages and have business logic, data storage, security, and visual presentation. Here’s where a Salesforce integration solution can help. Salesforce integration uses the API to establish and manage seamless communication between Salesforce Web Integration and other apps.

Appropriate Salesforce integration allows for adequate data access and analysis. It also assists managers and directors at all levels in making informed decisions. Every company should value its efficient integration system as an asset that can generate maximum benefits.

7 Productivity-Boosting Salesforce Integration Tools

When employees spend more time on non-core activities than business-critical aspects, their productivity suffers greatly. The primary responsibility of a sales representative, for example, is to close sales. Of course, data updates, email synchronization, and scheduling tasks assist him in selling, but they are not the core of what he does. Some of these tasks can automate with Salesforce integration tools, which can help you save a significant amount of time. Here are seven of them:

Improve Team Collaboration with Quip

Quip is a mobile-first, modern productivity suite that brings together all of the necessary features such as team chats, spreadsheets, and documentation in one place. As a result, your team can complete more work with greater collaboration. Quip Salesforce CRM Integrations an interactive, connected, and collaborative environment. As a result, processes are completed with fewer emails, fewer meetings, and more opportunities for growth to meet rising customer demands.

With the Quip Salesforce CRM integrations large banks, Fortune 100 companies, and tech companies have already standardized their productivity. Customers of Salesforce can create more opportunities and make better decisions due to this. Quip also facilitates sharing remarkable real-time details in sales Meetups and ensures a better report analysis for a deeper understanding.

Integrate Salesforce and Gmail with Ebsta

Ebstain Salesforce and Gmail integration If you use Gmail for business and Salesforce for CRM, combining these digital tools can help you be more productive. Salesforce users use CRM to manage customer data, activity, workflow, reporting, and data exchange with third-party marketing platforms to support related activities. However, with Gmail – the hub of communication activity – users are forced to spend more time outside the CRM.

Ebsta connects Gmail and Salesforce, bringing the power of Salesforce to your inbox.

Ebsta allows you to synchronize your email with your Google Calendar, use Salesforce email templates, track email opens, and create follow-up tasks in your inbox. Furthermore, connecting your Google Calendar ensures that events are automatically synced with the Salesforce calendar. Meeting schedules, scheduled email delivery, email capture in Salesforce, email delivery later, and the creation of personalized workflows are just a few features available through the Ebsta Gmail integration with Salesforce.

The Ebsta app is available in the Salesforce Store – Services start at $30 USD per user, with a free trial version available.

Manage End-To-End Contract Lifecycle with Icertis

Salesforce Web Integration contract management capabilities could be helpful for businesses that only need a basic level of contract management to manage a small contract portfolio. However, suppose you require robust contract lifecycles management features such as complex data analysis and reporting, negotiation tools, and ERP system integration. In that case, you will need to look beyond Salesforce’s built-in contract management software.

You’re not getting the most out of either system if your Salesforce implementation isn’t linked to a solid contract management platform. Your team can build, view, approve, and collaborate on contracts within Salesforce System Integrators using the Icertis Salesforce Integration to speed up contract flow, increase productivity, and propel your business forward. Furthermore, it boosts sales by relieving salespeople of additional administrative responsibilities. Users can use Salesforce objects to create contract requests, track contract status updates and progress, and manage the entire contract lifecycle without ever leaving the platform.

Icertis Contract Management’s seamless integration with Salesforce helps you accelerate, protect, and optimize commercial activities. You can increase contract processing efficiency, maximize revenue, reduce risks, and control costs.

The Icertis app is available for download from the Salesforce Store, and services start at $1,600 USD per company.

Auto-log your Email Activities with ToutApp

ToutApp helps you keep track of your email activities automatically. Within Salesforce CRM, send personalized emails to your leads and contacts, track their engagement, and figure out what works best. ToutApp’s Salesforce System Integrators is a sales productivity tool, allowing users to send emails more quickly and track promotional emails. This tool assists sales reps in lead nurturing, allowing them to send the right content to the correct prospects at the right time.

Thanks to its built-in phone and dialer system, users can call a prospect or contact directly from the Salesforce platform. This email and marketing tracking tool enable you to prioritize tasks, improve your content, and assist in the conversion of leads.

Get Immediate Post Chat Feedback with Getfeedback

Customers nowadays expect not only real-time assistance but also real-time feedback. According to a recent Salesforce report, 80 percent of buyers expect businesses to respond and interact with them in real-time. Of course, Salesforce Chat allows your support team to provide effective real-time chat support. Still, they should also figure out how customers perceive this interaction to track key performance metrics like customer effort and course modification when a customer is dissatisfied.

With the Getfeedback Salesforce integration, you can get real-time customer feedback via branded surveys in your Salesforce Chat window. It contextualizes customer responses and pushes them into Salesforce, resulting in actionable insights and increased productivity.

The Getfeedback app is available in the Salesforce Store – Services start at $1 USD per user, with a 14-day free trial version available.

Manage and Update Salesforce Data with Conga Composer

Salesforce data maintenance and efficient updates result in increased productivity and useful insights. Conga composer’s integration with Salesforce CRM streamlines document generation, reporting, and delivery. This app simplifies creating documents, presentations, and reports in PowerPoint, Word, HTML email, and Excel.

Furthermore, the Conga app works with Sales Cloud, Salesforce 1, Service Cloud, and Lightning. You can do all of your work from one platform with this Salesforce integration app, allowing you to spend less time updating the Salesforce API and more time on your core activities.

The Conga composer app is available in the Salesforce Store – Services start at $20 USD per user, with a free trial version available.

Edit, Filter, and Sort Data with Gridbuddy

Gridbuddy allows you to configure charts and grids to provide users with a single view, allowing them to manage all of their data in a single dashboard. This app ensures that you can create, update, and edit multiple objects in an Excel-like manner. Its spreadsheet-like workspace makes it simple to update data in Salesforce. Grids can customize for any user and configure from any process. Inline editing, bulk actions, and mass update make it easy to update many records in a matter of minutes.

GridBuddy’s Salesforce integration app boosts productivity by reducing the number of page loads and clicks. With this app, you can use editable grids, create tabbed workspaces without writing any code, and embed grids on record detail pages.

The GridBuddy app is available in the Salesforce Store – Services start at $24 USD per user, with a free trial version available.

It’s not about completing a task in the shortest amount of time but about effectively managing your time. Small changes to your current business practices can significantly increase your company’s productivity and workforce efficiency. Integrate these time-saving apps with your Salesforce CRM to efficiently achieve predefined goals.

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