Salesforce Services for Document Management Company

Salesforce Services for Document Management Company

Salesforce services for document management company

Client Background

Client is a San Francisco based document productivity company which helps business teams to convert, edit, share, sign, and analyze documents anywhere on any device. We’ve integrated their document system with Salesforce CRM.

The Challenge

Since Salesforce has governor limit for attachments which imposed the challenge of attaching any document exceeding it and there was no way to do any real time editing.

AwsQuality Solution

We’ve created adapter/plugin to communicate Salesforce with client system to upload documents in their system and to bypass the Salesforce governor limit.

The Outcome

Several VF pages, apex classes, triggers, REST/SOAP API, Batch, Scheduler classes were created to achieve the integration between Salesforce and Client’s system. We’ve achieved the following.

  • Complete document management within Salesforce.
  • Real time editing, reviewing and signature of documents.
  • Single sign-on.
  • Highly robust and secure.

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