Salesforce1 Attachment

Salesforce1 Attachment

Salesforce records are instrumental in offering customized business processes, picklist values, and page layouts to different users. An even more important aspect of a Salesforce record are the attachments associated with it. Besides notes, the attachments enable you to easily constitute all the information needed for any object in Salesforce, and manage the Salesforce org in a more streamlined way. While the previous Salesforce environment was lenient with attachments, the newer Salesforce Lightning Experience has multiple restrictions on uploading or adding attachments to a Salesforce record.

AwsQuality has come to the rescue and developed a proprietary product that allows the end user to attach files to standard and custom objects and maintain the integrity of a record. For a photo or video, a user can attach an existing file or capture it in real time, finalize it in the preview phase, and upload it easily. Besides photos and videos, a user can also other types of files without a hiccup. Easy to set up in the Salesforce org, and with a mobile-friendly interface, this robust and secure application helps the user meet various attachment needs in Salesforce.

Endless Possibilities

With a plethora of file formats for every type of file available, uploading attachments to Salesforce can become tricky. The Salesforce1 Attachment app by AwsQuality opens the end user to endless possibilities in terms of their attachment file type and file format. Here’s all you can achieve with the app:

  • Easily upload any file format from any platform, including Google Drive, iCloud, or phone memory
  • We have configured the app to work with any file extension that’s uploaded on Salesforce
  • The app enables the end user to upload files of up to 100 MB size, but the speed of upload would depend on the internet bandwidth

Get Your Customized Solution

Realizing the need for attachments in the Salesforce org, the team at AwsQuality conceptualised a dedicated attachment app that would bridge the gap between good and best records. Focused on helping our clients reach their business goals, AwsQuality has not only created the Salesforce1 Attachment App, but also has the capability to meet any specific requirements, whether in the Salesforce org or not. If you are looking for an attachment app for a Salesforce environment or any other innovative product, fill out our contact form.  One of our experts will get it in touch with you to discuss your requirements and decide on customized solutions. If you are looking for any other product-development services, we will go an extra mile, and our highly skilled resources will deliver an exceptional end product for your problems. Call +1-571-250-7375 for more info.

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