Renter (Cloud Rental Software)

Renter (Cloud Rental Software)

The world of business, along with its processes, is witnessing a shift towards the cloud. If you are in the business of renting your assets, you are well aware of the headache of managing your rentals. Most people opt for property management companies, but they cost a fortune. Observing this problem faced by asset owners, AwsQuality came up with a cost-effective and easy, yet highly functional rental cloud management software – Renter.

Renter is designed to work in a Salesforce org, where you can manage details of your rentals with just a few clicks. You can manage the details of past, present, or coming years on the Renter Dashboard, and get an idea of the revenue each asset generates and is expected to generate. This software not only allows managing your assets real time but also strategize for plans on non-profitable assets on the Renter Configuration page. The product not only ensures security of your assets but also makes space for their scalability.

Experience Exceptional Quality

What’s use would a product be if the user needs a complete tutorial to even begin using it?

The team at AwsQuality designed Renter not just for a seamless rent management experience, but also for use without the need of extensive technical expertise. With several yet easy-to-use features, Renter takes your rental problems, adding no extra ones.

Here’s what you get with the software:

  • You get all the information on a single page, eliminating the possibility of missing any piece of information that would have resulted from toggling between pages
  • For a better visualization, the information is available in a pictorial representation through color-coded 3D charts of distinct types
  • You have the freedom to manage the data and reports in real time to avoid any delays

Witness Transformation with us!

A powerhouse of experienced professionals and industry experts, AwsQuality has a unique and a solution to all your rented asset management problems, with our cloud rental software, Renter. Designed by highly skilled professionals, the product has helped clients all over the world manage and keep track of their rental property with detailed reports.

If you rented out several assets and managing them is a hassle, fill out a contact form, and one of our representatives will be in touch with you with customized solutions. If you require a new product for other business needs, our experts can offer and execute effective solutions to help you meet your needs. To learn more about how we can help, call +1-571-250-7375
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