Transport management system for wireline and completion solutions company

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Client Background

Client is a Texas based completion and production solutions company committed to lowering operational costs of oil and gas companies. We’ve worked with them on developing a system to manage trailers and trucks.

The Challenge

The challenge was to design a very complex and colorful detailed report and dashboard to showcase invoice and utilization info.

AwsQuality Solution

We’ve designed a system from scratch and added functionality on opportunity, opportunity line item and revenue scheduling for products to manage trailers rent and utilization. We’ve also created a full-fledged color coding mechanism to manage in invoices filter.

The Outcome

Several VF pages, VF components, HTML5, JS Remoting,apex classes, batch, triggers with reports and dashboards created. We achieved the following.

  • End to End trailer management process greatly improved
  • Mobile optimized
  • Comprehensive reporting with 3d charts
  • Highly secure and robust system