AwsQuality during the pandemic of COVID-19

AwsQuality’ responsibility to its clients during the COVID-19 emergency

Since, We all are facing the adverse impact of lockdown and are standstill due to the corona virus (COVID-19) but in this situation, AwsQuality team of engineers are working to their best to deliver the projects within committed timelines for our customers. Our team is committed to minimize the impact on the engagement and respond swiftly with software and development solution for the problem that you may be facing.

We are concerned for our customers and employees health, therefore we prefer to meet online to understand project criticality and prepare plan to act accordingly. We are following all necessary measures in accordance with guidance from public health authorities and the local government. We had adopted actions to prevent further spread of virus that resulted in zero cases among any of our teams so far which helps in reduction of potential transmission.

Our team shows the extreme capabilities by collaborating online to communicate with each other and with our customers to get all tasks done within stipulated time, while at the same time helps everyone to stay safe by adopting fruitful guidance. You can reach out to your point of contact at AwsQuality for any additional questions and concerns.

In order to know the business continuity plans (BCP), Please follow frequently asked questions that are mentioned below. We will continue to nourish this page and update it simultaneously as conditions change.


  1. Does your organization have a plan in place to respond to events like coronavirus (COVID-19) and recover from that?
    AwsQuality has always backed overseas assignments. In the light of recent events, we have encouraged all of our employees to work from home and they are taking the necessary steps to serve our customers the way we’ve been doing all this while.
  1. In the case of office closures, can you confirm you have business continuity plans in place?
    Yes, we want to give our customers assurance that our organization has had a comprehensive business continuity plan that is updated and reviewed regularly from the start.
  1. Would you have any questions about your ability to serve your customers if your employees are unable to access their local office or business continuity site for an extended period of time?
    As a software development company, we have developed our structure to ensure that during unforeseen incidents, including the COVID-19 pandemic, our services remain accessible to our clients. Our BCP, or Business Continuity Plan, ensures that our clients have open contact channels with our customers, partners and employees.
  1. What steps did your company take to minimize COVID-19 spread? 
    We have instructed our employees to operate remotely from home by avoiding stepping outdoors and keeping themselves safe from the effects of coronavirus. We have stopped employees and tourists from all offices and put a stop on both domestic and foreign business travel. We also follow the guidelines provided by WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) on a continual basis. 
  1. If you are having an impact, do you have contact procedures with your customers, your suppliers and important staff?
    Yes , yes. We have organized dedicated channels for each of our partners , customers, prospects and employees to communicate. 
  1. Have measures been taken within your organization to quarantine them for a specific duration for employees who may have had exposure? Was there an effect on every place in your organization at this time?
    We have implemented many virus mitigating actions that have resulted in zero cases among any of our staff so far and have resulted in a reduction in potential transmission. The entire AwsQuality team has been instructed to follow the quarantine and self-isolation guidelines provided by WHO and CDC. 
  1. How do you anticipate the impact of this outbreak on the business outcomes?
    We ‘re doing everything in our power to minimize the business outcome impact of the outbreak. We assess every possible area of potential COVID-19 vulnerability. 
  1. Have you ensured that your employees do not travel worst hit by the virus to countries?
    Yes, to employees and visitors, we have closed all offices and put a hold on all domestic and international business travel.
  1. What plans do you have with the customer teams in the respective countries / places for resources already deployed? 
    As travel is prohibited due to the pandemic in most parts of the world, our staff providing on-site services and running projects of our customers from a different location are instructed to stay put. We help them to cope with the situation by often communicating with them, along with our customers who cooperate in the best way possible. We have asked our clients to provide work to our team members serving them from home.
  1. In case of a concern affecting the ability of your staff to attend work, can you please share any amendments to our contact points for you?
    Our facilities are available for worldwide access due to the fact that our systems do not require any personnel visiting either of our offices. You can reach us via Our contact information remain as:

  1. Can you advise us how you will notify us of any changes to your status, should such changes occur?
    Our customers, partners, and prospects will be reached out by our project managers and notified via communication channels like emails.
  1. How do I get updates from AwsQuality about COVID-19? 
    We have live statistics of the COVID cases from reputable outlets showing on our website at the bottom. If you do not see visit our website in private window or different browser.