The Importance of a Salesforce Consulting Company in Achieving Business Objectives

On May 27, 2022, Posted by , In Salesforce

Salesforce CRM is the best platform-as-a-service cloud offering on the planet. Salesforce is championing and leading CRM adoption worldwide with its wide range of products and sources. The power of Salesforce Consulting Partner can be better understood by considering how it assists businesses in navigating a more straightforward and more…

How Technology Optimized Sales Process.

On October 22, 2018, Posted by , In Salesforce

Businesses are becoming more and more dependent on technology to run their businesses efficiently because of technological advancement. Technology is constantly reinventing and improving, and the organizations always look for the adoption of new technology in order to optimize their sales process. Also check: Best practices For AppExchange app Installation. Here…

Introduction to Salesforce Winter’19 Release

On September 6, 2018, Posted by , In Salesforce

Salesforce has published Winter’19 release (Preview) notes. Now lightning enthusiast can find lots of new features as well as new enhancements. Also check:  Salesforce’s Voice Assistant: The Newest AI Product. Take a look below, some of the new features in Winter’ 19 released for Lightning Experience:  Display density settings to change…

Accounting Seed (Tracks Financial Data Through The Entire Business)

On August 10, 2018, Posted by , In Salesforce

Accounting Seed is an application built on platform which combines ERP and Accounting systems which are further integrated with your Salesforce CRM system. This application tracks financial data through the entire business lifecycle that is from product sales, marketing, project implementation, back-office accounting, to produce financial statements to customers….

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

On June 6, 2018, Posted by , In Salesforce

What Is It? GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a data protection law that came into effect from the 25th of May, 2018 in the EU (European Union). Its main aim is towards the protection of personal data in rapidly growing technological developments. Also check: Salesforce CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Why…

How to Find a Reliable Salesforce Consulting Partner?

On August 31, 2017, Posted by , In Salesforce

Nearly half of Salesforce customers work with the company’s partner ecosystem. Salesforce Consulting Partners includes well-known ISVs and consulting firms. Its partners must have a dedicated team of certified Salesforce professionals knowledgeable about Salesforce integration, CRM implementation, and development. Salesforce suggests some guidelines for the Partner Program for Top…

Salesforce Social Customer Service

On June 20, 2017, Posted by , In Salesforce,Service cloud

Salesforce Social Customer Service allows agents to deliver personalized service on any social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and many more. It also lets reps create leads or cases out of social media posts and send personalized responses on the same social media channels. Organizations are moving to…

Sales Cloud acts as catalyst for business growth.

On May 8, 2017, Posted by , In Sales cloud

Sales Cloud refers to the sales module in It includes leads, accounts, contacts, contracts, opportunities, products, price books, quotes, and campaigns and having features such as Web-to-lead to support online lead capture, with auto-response rules. It is designed to be a start-to-end setup for the entire sales process hence…

Salesforce Sharing Rules

On February 6, 2017, Posted by , In Salesforce

The sharing of records is very vital for the performance of an organization, so it is very important that you should understand the Salesforce sharing rules. Hence Salesforce sharing rules came into play when records and other data require to be shared among the employees or multiple users in an…

How CRM can boost SEO for an organization?

On January 16, 2017, Posted by , In Salesforce

CRM can boost SEO Customer relationship management (CRM) is an integral component of developing any business. You have to do some crucial things to retain and gain customers like identifying prospects and leads, building and nurturing relationships, tracking and analyzing valuable data. CRM acts as a data goldmine. It compiles…