Designed a customer portal from scratch for a multinational electronics company

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Client Background

Client is well known for its imaging and optical products and it is one of the leading manufacturers globally. Client had a vision to build a Salesforce based customer portal for its different type of end users to offer them better services and enhance its client to customer interactions.

The Challenge

Since there is a large amount of customer database we’ve to build a system so comprehensive which can handle all customer related queries.

AwsQuality Solution

AwsQuality proposed an easy to operate highly configurable Application fully developed in Salesforce environment which will help the users to organize various documents, images URLs and files in convenient way into some custom objects and Salesforce out of box content management solution.


Several Apex classes, triggers visual force pages and numerous other components were created in the process. A strict security implementation was done on a systematic basis by the help of various testing tools and security checkups.

  • Enhanced User Interface for the contents stored within Salesforce.
  • Access the Salesforce contents in highly configurable manner.
  • Cross browser compatibility was given a keen importance.
  • Good quality of product was achieved with excellent design and robust testing.
  • One customizable Adapter for several Salesforce customers.
  • Bigger customer base for client’s telecom billing services