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Nonprofit Success Pack

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NPSP is a Nonprofit Success Pack which was formerly known as Nonprofit Starter Pack. It is a set of managed packages developed and maintained by and made available for free via the Salesforce AppExchange. It allows nonprofits organizations to better manage common nonprofit business processes.  Here we will list some…

AwsQuality Among Top IT Outsourcing Companies

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Clutch is a Washington, D.C. based research, ratings and reviews firm focused on the technology, marketing, and digital industries. It always releases annual ranking in different fields of Information Technology. They evaluate companies based on their market presence, ability to deliver their solutions and services etc. Clutch released their annual…

Salesforce DX

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Salesforce DX means Salesforce Developer Experience (DX) which includes a series of new tools and features that allows users to develop and manage Salesforce apps throughout the entire platform in a more direct and efficient way. It provides new way to manage and develop apps on the platform across…

Why you should make the trip to Dreamforce

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Dreamforce is an annual user conference hosted by Salesforce in downtown San Francisco, bringing together thought leaders, industry pioneers and thousands of IT professionals. Members of Salesforce’s customer base attend the conference to hear keynote addresses, learn about new products, attend training sessions, and make network with experts. Dreamforce will be…

Salesforce Consulting Partner

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Salesforce focus is on delivering customer success and nearly half of Salesforce customers work with its partner ecosystem. Salesforce partner ecosystem consists of well reputed ISVs and consulting firms. It is important that its partners are equipped with dedicated team of certified Salesforce professionals who are well versed in Salesforce…

Salesforce Trailhead

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Trailhead is an awesome tool design by Salesforce to help new and experience developers. It acts as an academy who wants to be an expert on Salesforce. It is designed in a way that one can go through the different levels of courses like beginners, intermediates and experts level courses….

Salesforce CPQ

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Salesforce CPQ stands for Configure Price Quote which helps your channels to close bigger deals faster with visibility into the latest product and pricing information, and the ability to quote quickly. To optimize sales process and enhance ROI, organizations are moving to adopt Salesforce CPQ. Here are some of advantages…

Salesforce Social Customer Services

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Salesforce Social Customer Service allows agents to deliver personalized service on any social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and many more. It also lets reps to create leads or cases out of social media posts and send personalized responses on the same social media channels. Organizations are moving…

Best practices for AppExchange app installation

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AppExchange is the business app store from Salesforce. It is the world’s leading business app marketplace. AppExchange apps are customized for Salesforce and extend Salesforce to every department and every industry. It’s a proven ecosystem of apps with millions of installs and thousands of customer reviews to help you find the best match…

Salesforce Pardot for the optimization of small business.

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Pardot is the B2B marketing automation solution for Salesforce users which enables marketers to exceed their lead generation goals. Some of the advantages of Salesforce Pardot are discussed below which will help organizations to optimize their business. Result and Lead observation It helps to see result at every stage of…